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The Ultimate Training Mask X is a hybrid mask that helps with both filtration and resistance during your training. The Ultimate Training Mask X has a total of 3 functions which consist of Filtration Mode, Resistance Mode & Performance Filtration Mode.

Filtration Mode – Preserves and protect your lungs and cardiovascular system while working out

Resistance Mode –  Made for the days where you want to push your fitness and cardiovascular system harder.

Performance Filtration Mode – The mode in which you can combine both the benefits of filtration and respiratory conditioning.

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The main function of the Ultimate Training Mask X is designed to be used to improve cardiovascular fitness levels by adjusting and limiting airflow during workouts.

This helps to improve your breathing power and technique so that you can achieve better results in a  range of physical activities such as running and sports. The Ultimate Training Mask is built to amplify your endurance and aimed to help you build deeper stamina and strength that you would not have otherwise.